DLA dual lateral logging tool of the constant power

DLA dual lateral logging tool of the constant power

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Product Description

 DLA dual lateral logging tool of the constant power 

DLA constant-power laterolog is one main methods of resistivity-logging  ,it include :a short section of insulation, electronic circuits, pressure-balanced glass probe and the lower electrode (can substitute by the shell of other logging instrument shell) .

      DLA dual lateral logging adopt the  CSU-Dual-Lateral technology ,so as to be ataached with 3700 or 5700 systems directly , and can complete combination-logging; can  provide Two different-depths lateral resistivity measurements datas. then cooperate with other logging datas, can  accurately Distinguish  permeable  horizon , oil/water  horizon , identify and evaluate the  properties of oil bearing stratum.

      The instrument measured the current and voltage by a certain method ,so as to control the power of different depth lateral, increased output-power and the received SNR; use double shield electrode, focusing on the main current , reduces  the affection of cable,  mud,  layer; have better capability of Distinguish different lawyers ,have much deeper investigation-depth, could measure bigger dynamic  range, high accuracy; and in the non-permeable formations ,the deep and shallow lateral curves coincidence well;  have very good radial probe characteristics; 


    this instrument's electrode is made of stainless steel and have glass insulating sleeve , with anti-corrosion, durability and other characteristics, suitable for a variety of stratigraphic logging, and could be disassemble easily ,is  easy maintenance.


● working Temperature: -25℃~175℃;

     ● Working Pressure: 140Mpa;

    Product size: Sonde-Diameter φ92mm; line/cable φ89mm; Length 8830mm;

     ● the instrument's Weight: 238kg;

     ● resistivity measurement range :0.2-40000Ω · m;

     ● Accuracy (in undisturbed formation):

               0.2 ~ 1 Ω·m ,± 20%;

               1 ~ 2000 Ω·m ,± 5%;

               2000 ~ 5000 Ω·m ,± 10%;

               5000 ~ 40000 Ω·m ,± 20%;

     ● vertical resolution: 600mm;

     ● Depth: shallow lateral 800mm, deep lateral 2700mm;

     ● Power supply: 180Vac ± 10V, 50 ~ 60Hz, ≈ 60mAac;

     ● cable-core allocation: 4 and 6: AC power supply;

     ● The instrument state transitions: 1, 5 and 10: Logging; 1 and 10:  5 and 10: zero-scale;

     ● combinations:

            when Connected with 3506, could be with other logging tools  of 3700 systems ;

            when with 3516/3510, could be with other logging tools  of  5700 systems  (including  TBRT, DIFL, Density, Neutron, acoustic, etc.);

     ● speed: not more than 1800 m / h;

     ● The instrument zero length: 4118mm;

     ● Reliability: one time logging success rate is not less than 95%;

     ● The instrument's Material: precipitation hardening stainless steel and HT FRP;

     ● Repeat relative error: not more than 10%.

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