1239dual lateral logging tool(5700 series)

1239dual lateral logging tool(5700 series)

Model No.︰1239 logger

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

 1239dual lateral logging tool(5700 series)

it include: electronic circuit, pressure balanced probe ,the lower electrode ,have functions of  5700 dual lateral logging tools , technical indicators also reached 5700  requirements . 

The 1239 logging tool measurements ways are as follows: --depth mode have: standard measurement type , calibration type, --shallow measurement modehave:standard type , enhanced type . 

Increases the temperature correction function. If Change the measurement methods  ,could meet different measurement requirements of different formations, could obtain accurate information of  formation resistivity 

       the 1239 tool could control " The measured power supply system " fast , use dual shield electrode, focusing on the main current , reduces  the affection of cable, ,mud, ground,  have better capability of Distinguish different lawyers ,have much depper investigation-depth, could measure bigger dynamic  range, high accuracy; and in the non-permeable formations ,the deep and shallow lateral curves coincidence well;  have very good radial probe characteristics; have a good radial probe characteristics.

       The instrument's probe can have fiberglass or rubber electrode electrode.

● Working Temperature: -25℃~175℃;

      ● Working Pressure: 140Mpa;

      ● Product size: Sonde Diameter φ92mm, line/cable φ89mm; Length: 5730mm;

      ● resistivity measurement range :0.2-40000Ω·m;

      ● Accuracy (in undisturbed formation):

             0.2 ~ 1Ω · m ,± 20%;

             1 ~ 2000Ω · m ,± 5%;

             2000 ~ 5000Ω · m ,± 10%;

             5000 ~ 40000Ω · m ,± 20%;

      ● vertical resolution: 610mm;

      ● Depth: deep / Standard mode: 1.397m; deep / the Groningen mode: 1.067m;

                         shalow / enhanced mode: 0.787m; shalow/ Standard mode: 0.457m;

      ● Power supply: 180Vac ± 10V, 50 ~ 60Hz, ≈ 70mAac;

      ● cable-core allocation:

                        4 and 6: AC power supply;

      ● The instrument state transitions:

                        1,5 and 10: Logging;

                        1 and 10: Scale;

                        5 and 10: zero moment