DLL dual lateral logging tool

DLL dual lateral logging tool

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Product Description

 DLL dual lateral logging tool
 can be connected with 521 or DLS domestic CNC system

DLL tools  is one main methods of resistivity-logging,it include: a short section of insulation, electronic circuits, pressure-balanced fiberglass probe and the lower electrode (can be substituted by other logging instrument 's shell) 

       DLL tool can be connected with 521 or DLS and other domestic small CNC system, to  complete the combination for logging; can  provide Two different-depths lateral resistivity measurements datas. then cooperate with other logging datas, can  accurately Distinguish  permeable  horizon , oil/water  horizon , identify and evaluate the  properties of oil bearing stratum.    

     if Coordinate with other logging datas, can distinguish permeable layer directly,determine oil layer clearly , identify the water/oil layers, identify / evaluate the properties of  oil stratigraphic . 


● Working Temperature: -25℃~150℃;

    ● Working Pressure: 100Mpa;

    ●Product size:Sonde Diameter:φ92mm, line/cable φ89mm; Length: 8830mm;

    ● resistivity measurement range :0.2-40000Ω · m;

    ● Accuracy (in undisturbed formation):

       0.2 ~ 1Ω · m ,± 20%;

       1 ~ 2000Ω · m ,± 5%;

       2000 ~ 5000Ω · m, ± 10%;

       5000 ~ 40000Ω · m ,± 20%;

    ● vertical resolution: 600mm;

    ● Depth: shallow lateral 800mm ,deep lateral 2700mm;

    ● Power supply: 180Vac ± 10V, 50 ~ 60Hz, ≈ 60mAac;

    ● speed: not more than 1800 m / h;

    ● The instrument zero length: 4118mm;

    ● Reliability: one-time logging, success rate is not less than 95%;

    ● The instrument Material: precipitation hardening stainless steel and HT FRP;

    ● Repeat relative error: not more than 10%.