HSCX dual lateral logging tool

HSCX dual lateral logging tool

Model No.︰HSCX logger

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Product Description

HSCX dual lateral logging tool

HSCX  tool is a small logging tool ,its outer diameter is Φ76mm diameter , include: electronic circuit, pressure balanced probe and lower electrodes. Can be directly attached to the Jiai logging system, you can also articulated in the ECLIPS system, and achieving the 1239 bilateral instruments's all functions, technical indicators also reached the imported 1239 bilateral instrument 's requirements . 

its measurements ways are as follows: --depth mode have: standard measurement type , --shallow measurement modehave:standard type , enhanced type . 

If Change the measurement methods  ,could meet different measurement requirements of different formations, could obtain accurate information of  formation resistivity    


The instrument is suitable for drilling in  high temperature  or side drilling

● Working Temperature: -25℃~230℃;

● Working Pressure: 140Mpa;

● Product size: Sonde Diameter: φ76mm, line/cableφ76mm; Length: 5730mm;

● resistivity measurement range :0.2-40000Ω · m;

● Accuracy (in undisturbed formation):

0.2 ~ 1Ω · m ,± 20%;

1 ~ 2000Ω · m ,± 5%;

2000 ~ 5000Ω · m ,± 10%;

5000 ~ 40000Ω · m ,± 20%;

● vertical resolution: 610mm;

● Depth: deep / Standard mode: 1.397m;

shallow / enhanced mode: 0.787m; shallow / Standard mode: 0.457m;

● Power supply: 180Vac ± 10V, 50 ~ 60Hz, ≈ 70mAac;

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