DIL Dual Induction eight lateral logging tool (3700 series)

DIL Dual Induction eight lateral logging tool (3700 series)

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 DIL Dual Induction eight lateral logging tool (3700 series)

DIL tool is one main logging tool of 3700 series . It can measure below items at same time: natural potential, deep induction (ILD), Medium induction (ILM) ,eight lateral (LL8) etc.,total four logging curves . The instrument can be directly connected with 3700 system ,or be matched with a small CNC or domestically system. You can also match it with 521,520 Logging Systems.
       The instrument uses a high stability  coil-based materials and advanced design methods to ensure that the sensor signal is stability and temperature drift is small; internal use 31-pins interfaces connectors, is easily for disassemble and maintenance ; external interface could be standard interface of 3700, but also could be the domestic 28-pin interface.
       The instrument's eight lateral electrode portion is a completely independent innovative design, made ​​of stainless electrode ring and FPR insulating sleeve , is with a high insulation resistance, also is easy for maintenance .

● temperature: 175 ° C;
      ● pressure: 140MPa;
      ● OD: 92mm;
      ● Measurement dynamic range: ILD/0.2 to 2000 W · m; ILM/0.2 to omega m;
                              LL8/0.2 ~ 2000 Ω · m; SP/-80 ~ +20 mVDC.
      ● Accuracy ± 7% (or of ± 2 Ω.m);
      ● Repeatability ± 5%;
      ● laterlog depth: ILD/1.6 m; ILM/0.8 m; LL8/0.4 m;
      ● The instrument power supply: 180Vac ± 10V, 50 ~ 60Hz, ≈ 100mAac.