UDAT dipole array acoustic logging tool

UDAT dipole array acoustic logging tool

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Product Description

UDAT dipole array acoustic logging tool is one of the most advanced acoustic logging tool currently in the world, acoustic transducer's response range  is wide , working/response even better  in bass requence, digital working in the underground well , signal dynamic range is even wider, recorded waveforms is more integrity, it is more convient to  obtain accurate longitudinal wave, shear wave, Stoneley time difference and amplitude etc. parameters, especially has advantage in the analysis of the formation velocity anisotropy . Mainly designed for compacting formation and slow (not compacted) formations. 


The instrument can be used in monopole acoustic logging, full wave monopole logging, acoustic variable density logging, full wave dipole logging, crossed dipole full waveform logging. Superior performance dipole transmitter sonde and receiving sonde make sure  that the instrument can get wave signal in soft formations .