CAL-YA Universal Magnetic Locators

CAL-YA Universal Magnetic Locators

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Product Description

CAL-YA Universal Magnetic Locators

CAL-YA Universal Magnetic locators is a active magnetic locator for detecting casing section hoop position. CAL-YA include: four coils, two magnets and a signal amplification circuit. 

       CAL-YA upper and lower ends are 31-pins connector, you can use AC power or DC power . With the CCS instrument (three buses Instruments) compatible combination logging, the cable head voltage is 250VAC; when AC power supply, cable head voltage can also 150VAC, at this time , need to change the wiring inside the instrument. Another combination is with AH-66, you can use single core wireline logging, at this time providing a voltage of 50V DC voltage.
       The instrument uses a strong-magnetic high-temperature magnets, and therefore has a high ratio for  signal to noise , for high temperature characteristics, it is suitable for deep laterlog
     (2) Technical Specifications ::
         ● temperature: 175 ℃;
         ● pressure: 140Mpa;
         ● Diameter: 92mm;
         ● Length: 1067 mm;
         ● Mechanical Interface: 31-pins interface.

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