NP442 Multi-channel spectrum probe

NP442 Multi-channel spectrum probe

Model No.︰NP442

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Product Description

 NP442 Multi-channel spectrum probe Measuring range: 0.3Mev to 3Mev full differential spectrum Resolution: standard-source C137s(0.66Mev) ≤15% Time count range: 4″,12″,20″,28″,36 by manual Integrated nonlinear: ≤2% Differential nonlinear: ≤±5% Dead time: < 50μs Stable spectrum source: 133Ba, 5μCi Pressurization: less than 20Mpa Dimensions: Main probe: φ45×1330mm, Probe 1st: φ40×800mm,Probe 2nd: φ65×800mm Stability: the biggest error is less than 5%, which the average value of each data set comparing with the total average. Application: in research of uranium ore, divide the strata, and tell the oil stratum from the water zone.